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how do I contact you for a live stream production quote?

Let’s discuss your needs for a professional recorded video or live stream webcast production by using the Contact Us message system on this website. You may also contact us directly at 507.676.3063, or email info@entertainmentmediaservices.com

is a professional live webcast produced by your company expensive?

Our productions are very reasonably and competitively priced. Pricing depends on the location(s) of the shoot, how many days of shooting, the type of production and other factors that we need to discuss for each unique production. As a matter of fact, your production may be a pay-per-view, subscription, or donation project that can bring extra revenue to your event and pay for the production cost!

where do you produce videos and live webcasts?

Entertainment Media Services is our registered trademarked production company with a studio based in Minnesota, just south of the Twin Cities metro area. We produce recorded video. recorded webcasts, and live streamed webcasts anywhere in the USA. We have the latest professional equipment that is mobile transported and the crew needed for a successful quality production at your location(s) of choice.

how do I submit ideas or scripts to be considered?

We are always open to creative ideas for productions. If you have an idea for a production feel free to reach out to us and we can discuss the possibilities.

how can I contact a certain actor/actress or filmmaker?

All of our videos and live webcasts are produced by Entertainment Media Services with talent that may be part of each production. Credits are given to each participant of our productions and displayed at the end of each production. Feel free to contact us directly to relay information to anyone associated with our productions.

how can I become informed of a new production?

The best way to stay informed with our new and upcoming productions is to follow us on social media. You can also email us to subscribe to our monthly newsletter by using the Contact Us form on this website.

we need help finding a location to film. Can you find us a location? How much does that cost?

There are many different circumstances to consider when finding locations to shoot either recorded or live productions. We are mobile and have completely self-sufficient equipment which means we are able to shoot location scenes just about anywhere. We would have to discuss the type of scene(s) you desire, lighting factors, and needed rights to shoot on property location(s) which may or may not include additional fees added into the production cost. It is best to contact us directly to find a solution for the right place(s) to produce a video or live stream webcast.

how long does it take to produce a live stream video production?

Most of the live shooting for a recorded or live stream webcast production will be finished in one-day and generally takes no longer than one-week depending on the type of production. We do most of the editing before the actual production which means graphics, lower thirds, picture-in-pictures and other media are loaded into our studio software before the actual live stream will begin. We generally need to schedule a live stream two-months in advance and begin working on the content prior to each production shoot.

do you use internal employees or hire professionals for video and live stream productions?

Entertainment Media Services pays independent contractors from the areas we do productions. We need a minimum crew of one Producer/Director, Camera Operator(s) – dependiing on the number of cameras needed, one Technical Assistant, and an optional Host or Commentator. Guests of our webcasts are generally not paid and have the right to use the media for promotions.

what is the difference between live stream videos and webcasts? will you explain your productions?

The term live stream video and live stream webcasts are often interchanged in our environment. We produce content that is recorded video or recorded webcasts that can be streamed live at a later date after the production. This is often beneficial for situations that may require retakes and editing before going live with the content. We specialize in live stream webcasts which means all the content of a production has to be right, as it is sent out to simultaneous websites live over the internet. The webcasts are produced with multi-cameras and professional microphones with mixing that connect to studio software installed on a high-speed processing system. We add lower thirds, picture-in-picture, and graphics for a very quality look and our team makes it all come together to meet professional media standards.

how many people will be on the film crew when they arrive at our location?

The number of crew involved with a production can vary for each production. We generally will have a Producer/Director, Assistant Technical Person, optional number of Camera operator(s), and optional Host or Commentator for each production.

do you have any additional fees you tack on after the project is done?

Our pricing is very transparent, competitive, and reasonable for a professional produced video or live stream. The prices we have are pre-set in production packages and will be discussed upfront. We have production package pricing for any need that depends on the number of cameras for the production shooting, the number of production shooting days and location(s), additional travel expense (if required) and crew will also be included in our pricing quotes. I will say that you will be pleasantly surprised at our pricing and the type of equipment we use to produce a quality production. There will be no hidden costs, it is our goal to represent each customer at our best and you will truly find us to be very customer friendly!


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